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I've photographed Dogs before with families. Afterall, they are a big part of them and when documenting the family, the dog should be included. I have one myself, Canon, and I've shared photographs of him before on this blog. He's pretty laid back, for a JRT and I've tried to get easy going, open mouth, big pink tounge, shot of him. Dogs look happy with their mouths open. Almost like they are smiling. I can capture him alert, and yes, happy, but it's not the same as "laid back" hanging out with the family. Nope. Maybe when he's matured.

Well, last night. I met Jingles. A golden retreiver whom is very well loved in the Courtney Family. I can't remember how old she is? Karen (mom) told me once. But regardless, she was wonderful to work with and the highlight of our session. As if on cue, she would open that big friendly mouth and dangle that cute, pink tongue. No coaxing by me. She could care less where I was concerned. She only lived to please her family. Man's true best friend. Oh, and the rest of the family did well with their mouths and tounges, too. Thank you, Courtney Family. I had a wonderful time.

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