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@ the soccer fields

I spent Friday and Saturday at the soccer fields watching soccer game after soccer game. As usual, my camera went with me and I've posted the results at my Web Event Page. I'll share a few here too, as well. Friday Night... Kalyn took on Mercedez. Well, at least their teams took on each other. Lonestar '94 took on Ballistic in a Friday night game out at the fields. It's competition on the fields between these two, and they both wanted to win! Yet, despite the rivarly, these two sweeties have remained friends. Good game , Mercedez. We love you!

Saturday morning... We started early, 9:00 am. Shockers vs. Honeybees. My youngest daughter, Summer Zoe has grown up out on these fields, watching her big sister play. (or playing under the bleechers.) But somewhere between last season, and this one, she's totally grown into her game. I noticed it last week and just thought I'd missed a few games, but when Dad noticed it too at this weekend's game, I knew everything she has absorbed, heard and watched, had all gelled, and she "got her game." Way to go Summer! We are so proud of you!

Saturday afternoon...

I only took pictures at the Jazz game. The heat quickly got to me and I became a bleecher mom instead. Later on that day, we also played a team from Hobbs, NM that is known for it's cheap shots and hard hits. They didn't dissapoint us. Geez...you'd think at this level, they'd bring their game on instead of their elbows and pushes. We still beat them, of course, but tempers and frustrations ran high. It proved to be a "teachable" moment and I'm proud of our Coach, and our parents...well, most of the parents. (Devin, you know who you are?!?!?!) Great Job, Lonestar!