High Hill, TX

I'm in La Grange, TX this weekend for Jill + Corey's wedding. Jill is Devin's, my husband's, first cousin. High Hill is where the Bednarz Family first settled back in the 1800's when they "got off the boat" in Galveston. We even have a bit of stained glass with our name on it at the gorgeous church Jill chose for her ceremony. I'll have to show you that later.

After the rehearsal, we went to a little place for dinner that has amazing food! The stuffed mushroom's were to die for! And Devin even liked them, and the boy "don't do mushrooms". Wish I knew the name of the place. It's a European cafe type place, but it's under new management, they are not even open to the public yet. Private Dinner Party only last night.

More later.