Lonestar '94

They are heading to Lewisville this weekend to take on some major Dallas area teams and the girls are ready. They've been working out hard, even doing some water training with a member of the Coronado Swim Team, (thank you Sarah!)

We got them all together last night to document this stage in their life with some team photographs downtown. Of course, now that I've really had time to think about just what I wanted to do with the girls, the shoot is over and gone.

the red wall
silhouette pose
the wall on the way to McKenzie

but at the time your shooting, all you're thinking about is the girls, and their hair, and what their eyes are doing. You lose track of time and energy and before you know it, you are saying, "Great job! We're finished!" And later, at home, you realize the things you missed and wanted to try.

Oh, well...such is life. And I think this bunch is forgiving...they'll let me try again.

You can view the complete session by clicking HERE. A "shout out" to Cyndy for all your help!! Thanks!!!