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Aces Cont...

3rd place ain't bad. Ain't bad at all. Especially when it involves water balloons!

Horrible officials, cruel and evil tournament directors, you name it. Not sure who's to blame, but the #1 seeded team should NOT be playing the #2 in the Semifinal. It just shouldn't work that way. But life is not fair and you have to roll with the punches.

Roll we did.

Sunday morning started with an unfair match against FC Texas Red 94 at 9:30 am. They scored quickly on a "fumbled" kick, that our goalie has easily gotten before at least a dozen times. That's the way soccer goes though. Our girls were half asleep and when you don't answer a goal right away, it's hard to come back.

Lonestar 94 vs. FC Texas Red 0-2

Our Consoliation Game was at 3:30 pm and our girls were back in top form. The easily took Genesis by storm with a booming 6 unanswered goals! OMG! It was AWESOME!

Way to Go Lonestar 94!

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Aces Soccer Tournament