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the craig family

I had the wonderful chance to photograph (again) the Craig Family. This is Chandler who is currently in the process of losing his two front teeth and since that is such a highly secretive process, I was NOT allowed (he thought) to photograph them. That's OK, he looks very nice sporting this grin, so I can work with that. We held the sesison at Betenbough Homes. Or at least their Company office. It's very nice and a most excellent place for family sessions. Definetly in about 10 years once the tress have come in completely. If you try to use it before 8:00 PM, it's a definite NO GO. Too much sun for a family this size.But after 8:00 works great for this clan. They had baseball, I had softball and we came together after. This is Emmy, (to the left here) and she is so apropiately named. OMG! She could have won an Emmy for the acting she did when the blood was flowing down her leg. (won't go into that right now) And well, now that I think about it, she was probably NOT acting, totally all the time, but hey, with 3 older siblings, she has to do something to stand out. Hmm...now that I think about it, Emmy stands out all on her own. Yes, she's a bit dramatic, but so are many children her age. Time will tell on the Emmy later on down the road. We got chewed by the mosquitos the first few minutes we were there, but luckily the Craig's had some repellent in the car and we all sprayed down and continued. Such troopers! I've only posted a few photographs here. I have other sessions and weddings to edit before Ican complete this one. I just like to post a few so everyone can know what I've been up to. Libby, Sidney and Carter bringing up the rear!
Thanks Craig Family!