summer turns 9

Summer Turns 9!

the turn out was low...but the fun level was definitely high! And I won't have to cook today...plenty of leftovers!

I can't believe she's 9. Well actually her birthday is Monday, but still, 9? It just doesn't seem possible.

I remembew when we moved into this house off of Woodrow Road, she was only a few months old. The house hasn't changed, much. But she sure has. I'm so proud and scared and afraid, yet happy...all rolled into one. I'm proud of how beautiful and big she has grown. How she's always quick to cry about something sad, yet so sure of herself, she'll dance the twist in front of anyone. Or sit on top of a new Yukon Denali not afraid of what anyone thinks. I'm scared at how fast she is growing and by how many times a day she puts on her lip gloss! And I'm afraid that one day she will wake up and decide her plan of building a house behind mine, and adopting 3 kids, will all of the sudden, NOT be her plan. She will instead take that confidence and head off into the sunset with hopes and dreams that may never come to be. And of course I'm happy. Happy that God blessed me with such an amazing, VIBRANT youth that his healthy, happy and strong.

Gosh, life is good.

Happy Birthday, Summer Zoe!

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