Elizabeth + Garrett, and ENGAGEMENT in Plano, Texas

I flew to Dallas yesterday and back in one day. I got to meet some new folks, shout out to Kadie and Ryan! AND I got to meet Baylor. You'll have to scroll down to see his mug, but oh, what I mug! He's such a cutie!

Elizabeth and Ryan are getting married this November and I couldn't be happier to photograph her wedding. We'll get to see each other alot in the next few weeks as I'm also photographing her sister's wedding this May.

Yesterday was all misty and super pretty. Lots of pretty trails and they get to live there, right next to them, which is perfect for Baylor.


Regan + John, A Wedding at Horshoe Bay, Texas

I'm still recovering. My thighs hurt, my feet hurt, my face is swollen from the EXTRA pollen it sucked in all weekend and I'm still dreaming and hearing tunes in my head. But I'm home. And pouring through the images from John and Regan's wedding this past weekend. Gosh! So much to share! Maybe I can bullet them for now so I can remember always the little tidbits over the weekend.

  • bad hairdo's
  • spa ladies that stay stoned
  • guys that golf very well
  • beautiful cake that is SUPREME
  • opinions on weddings here vs overseas
  • Hawaiian Expressions you can share with a couple
  • stuffed Cardinals
  • pecan pie from the local bakery
  • deer grazing while you golf
  • expansive views of nothing but blue skies

I'm sure there's more, but I know people are ready to view the "sneak peek", so I'm jumping on in!

The dress was perfect. Perfect for Regan and perfect for the occasion. Not too formal, but definitely special all the same and I thought it was perfect that she wore the same veil as her sister, Kelsey. I love things like that. My sister wore my gown and sisters are very close indeed.

Which brings me to whacked out hair do's. Regan and Kelsey do not live near each other anymore and they were definitely looking forward to enjoying their weekend together. Kelsey even put her hair appointment early in the day so she could be free for her sister.

4 hours later, and I ain't joking!!!! 4 hours later she showed up, almost in tears, those flowed freely later, with plastered on product and side do that was a side don't. HORRIBLE!!!! But a salon in Marble Falls saved the day and got her to the church on time and she looked wonderful!!!

Talk about your drama. Capital D.

Above is Ally. (I hope I'm spelling that right.) She's an amazing hair designer that just happens to be John's (the groom's) sister. She was doing Regan's hair for the day, but didn't plan on everyone's. But when the horrible do happened, she jumped right on in there and worked hard to create some beautiful looks. Great job! Ladies, I think she's in the Ft. Worth area. Not sure. But oh, can she create!

I always like to play with the rings while the bride is getting ready. Gosh, a girl loves diamonds!! Even if they aren't her own. LOL

Checking the make-up.

LOVE the bling on this jacket! Too cool. :)

I can NOT believe we were not facebook friends! I had blogged the rehearsal dinner from the night before and posted some images on facebook. I couldn't tag her in the photos because, HELLO! We are NOT friends. So, wild how times have changed. She's looking at them on my phone.

Okay. There are other photos of the "messed up do", but this was taken in the hallway before Kelsey made her mad dash to town to try and fix the disaster. OM gosh. Tears quickly followed. Can you see the grease? I can not believe this was a spa resort and they produced that.

Poor Kelsey. But I must say, girl looked HOT about 45 minutes later. BAM!

Photogs, you know how when a girl is getting dressed, she always holds her chest as they zip up the gown? This is the obligatory shot of that. LOL She was trying to read a note from John. A handwritten note! I was so impressed. Not a card, but an honest to goodness hand written note. John won the brownie points that day for sure.

Wonder what it said?

I LOVE the shot above. It was made immediately after that first kiss!

The church has a great area behind it that was just perfect for the couple's shots. It's not quite finished landscaping wise, so other than choosing creative angles, it was beautiful!

The Cake!!! Definitely a show stopper! Gorgeous!

First dances are GREAT! I LOVE THEM!

This little guy was a running theme this weekend.

Beautiful night for a celebration!

I LOVE this shot above as well. A really great moment between Regan's mom and dad. Makes me smile.

The BAND ROCKED!!!! One of the BEST I've ever heard. San Antonio based, these guys are great. If you are planning a party any time soon in the area, call them.

Here's their website.


Another great moment! They had just said goodbye to some relatives and stopped on the way back to the reception for a moment. LOVE THIS!!!!

Thank you, John and Regan. Have a wonderful time in Hawaii!!!

If you'd like to view a cute slideshow (with a misspelled name...geez...)



Regan + John (the rehearsal)

The one thing weird to me about technology, everything changes so quickly, that what is supposed to make your life easier, really, just gets more difficult. Case in point. Sneak peeks are my favorite part of my job! I get to pull my favorites from a session or event and share them with the couple, the family, etc. But, where you used to simply blog and be done and move on, now you facebook them, tag people AND then blog. Just to make sure you cover all communication bases. You know? Yeah, technology is great, but I yearn for the good ole' days where a simple blog post would suffice. HA!

I love to blog. It's still my favorite part of my job.

Regan and John were married this past weekend at Horseshoe Bay Resort and I got to be a part of it. From what the locals tell me, the flowers this spring were they BEST they've seen in 10 years. I believe them. It really was gorgeous! But even better? The emotions of this weekend, despite one hair crisis which I'll share later, were FABULOUS! I had the best time, laughing and taking it all in. Just a great couple with great families.

Here's my sneak peek from the rehearsal, which I've facebooked, so go and tag ye-self folks! But for sure, I'm blogging this baby! HELLO! Just look at that opening shot?

GORGEOUS! I tell you!!!

When you come to the stop sign on this road, it's left if you're Catholic and Right if your Protestant. HA! The first shot here on this post is the Catholic view.

I love the ringing of the bells at weddings. And they rang on the wedding day!

BEST flower girl ever! She was the flower girl at Regan's sister's wedding, Kelsey.

BEAUTIFUL church and you know my affection for stained glass. I approve. In fact, when shooting the formals, I placed the smaller groups here. It was just a great way to get pretty light AND color into the frame. LOVE IT!

And as you can see from the shot above, tricky lighting for the ceremony. YES, the view is AMAZING! But you need to see faces and expressions as well. When area's are backlit, you have to work the angles and the lighting. But hello! I love light and just check it out streaming across those pews. LOVELY!

Babies melt faces.

You know that feels good! When they are all cuddly and warm and just perfect.

See what I mean? These two are happy people. What's that song lyric?

Shiny happy people everywhere.

John and Regan qualify. :)

See? Baby melts faces. Everyone was in love!

After the rehearsal, I scoped out the surrounding area and found a great place to take the couple. LOVE the flowers on the gazebo!

Can't you just see them here tomorrow!!!! So excited they have this place just right behind the church.

Now off to some good food, and good times. :)

The shot above and below is of the bride's mom and dad, Rusty and Denise.

Our hosts for the evening. Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal. Fun peeps, let me tell you! We did this thing where we had to use Hawaiian words (where they are honeymooning) to send good wishes to the couple. Great way to kill time while waiting on your food. It was so funny to hear John's mom read these back to us at the end of the evening! Lots of creativity in this bunch of folks. :)

It was a beautiful night! Beautiful weather all weekend, actually.

The Happy Couple.

More happy couples.

and what you do while waiting for food. Quite the paper plane creators, I must say. Stabilizer tail wings and all.

The Abbe women!

These 3 lovely ladies are John's big sisters. They were wonderful at "toasting and roasting" John. They even passed down their leash that they used to raise their brother to the bride. LOL Very funny.

It was a great night!


Tonight was fun.

Yes, it's "work" and yes, I've photographed a lot of seniors lately, but they are seriously so much fun! K'Lea was definitely no exception and UP FOR ANYTHING! I'm sharing a few here and more on my facebook page, so check them out!

something I've never done

photograph horses. Not unless they were in the background behind a family in a field, oh, and once a long long time ago, I photographed a graduate with her horse. That was fun. But photographing the ABC Rodeo Flag girls was a completely NEW ONE on me. I did this almost a month ago and never blogged about it. How dare I?

So, here you go.

To view the full gallery, CLICK HERE. The gallery is password protected, but Roy or Marinda knows it.

She did it!

I'm so stinking excited. The "taxi mom" is semi-retired, folks. No more running her butt around. She officially can DRIVE ALONE and I really didn't think I would get that excited, but when we were there, swearing in and getting our eye exam and donating our organs, I started smiling, really big. And then we both did a little victory dance in the parking lot on the way out.

Way to go, Miss Marie!!

Michael - Coronado Graduate 2010


I know. I'm very strange sometimes, but the majority of what I photograph is pretty and romantic and lovely in a satin ribbon sort of way. So, when I get the chance to get a guy...ALONE and in his own skin, not a tux, I love it!

Michael and his sister are friends with Sarah, who I photographed last week. I was THRILLED when his mom called to book his senior session. I need more guys to light up my world! And Michael was definitely good medicine.

He's a great guy. Has a good face, the perfect young guy hair! And he plays guitar. And will do so on cue. :)

Thanks Michael. I had a good time tonight. :)


I felt like I was in California today. I took one look at Janci, a senior at Frenship, and I thought, sunny CA, surfer girl. Just beautiful!

I'm photographing her brother's wedding next summer, and I've met her mom and future sis-in-law. They carted me all around East Lubbock today which we made these pictures.

The workshop yesterday paid off. Many of these are straight out of camera and I used several of the tools I put in my "photo toolbox". Must admit, we had great weather and just a wonderful time! :)

Sarah, graduate 2010

I know these are supposed to "mini-sessions" and not FULL BLOWN shoot until you die, sessions, but HELLO! Just look at these AMAZING images of Sarah! I realize she's going to college to study art and photography, and far away from home too, but this girl could seriously stay on the other side of the lens and earn her food for the week. She's AWESOME at working my lens!

I really hope I get another chance to work with her and just watch her move. Ever graceful, ever sweet, this is Sarah.

Miss Haley Jackson

Tonight was Spring Break Special Night! And my first Senior, Miss Haley Jackson, Cooper Senior 2010! She did fabulous and I'm telling you, the bar is raised folks. Just check out those amazing eyes!

Thank you, Haley for working it so well and I can't wait to show you the rest!

The Bednarz Family

The family above is related to me by marriage. So weird how HUGE Devin's family is. This is Shawna, Cade and Collin. Chris Bednarz passed away a couple of years ago and they were needing a new family photo to add to all the image they have with Dad. So, I got to photograph them, and I'm so glad I did!

The boys are true camera studs. STUDS I tell you! I never really had to tell them how to stand, hold themselves or pose. My kinda guys. They are brothers and I think they said, 19 months apart. Just wonderful kids with a wonderful mom!

oh, I'm in love!

I've been really wanting to photograph more newborns. After meeting Casey and Allison's little fellow last month, Grayson, I wanted to play some more. So yesterday, on facebook, I posted wanting a newborn, and HELLO! Meet, Baby Riley. He's just a week old and oh, so sweet!

Thank you, Amber and Bryan. You make beautiful babies.

the noble bunch

Oh, family sessions can be such a pain. Not on me! No. Not at all! I have a wonderful time! On the parents. They worry about the kids and what they are wearing and where we will be photographing. All that piled into they want a GREAT picture for their walls, or bedside table, or fireplace. They dread it and put it off. When they day finally arrives, I'm sure more fretting and issues arrive. My goal, is to capture a REAL family together and leave them thinking after... "oh, that wasn't so bad." I hope I did that for this bunch.

My day was great! I spent a couple of hours with the Noble Family. Freckles, tutoos and baby drool make for the best afternoon. And I think I got mom a few images to choose from for those special places in her home.

Thanks, Kristin, Justin, Pecos, Kyler and Harper! You guys were AWESOME!