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I’ve always wanted a BIG family. BIG. HUGE. Like Cheaper by the Dozen type of family. The chaos and craziness of big families just attracted me and I wanted to be in one, adopted by one. LIVE WITH ONE. God didn’t bless me with more then 2, so my family is a family of 4 and I love it so. We have the BEST times together! And maybe one of my kids will have a big family and I can move in with them? No?

Meet the Watters’ Family. Reed, on the left above, may look familiar. I’ve worked with him before. He was featured as a Jr. Achiever in one of the neighborhood magazines I work for. Super great kid and when photographing him, I got to see the rest of the Watters Gang. So, when his mom called to ask me to photograph their family, I definitely jumped at the chance! HELLO! They are the cutest family!!! 'So much spunk and energy and these kids SCREAM with personality!

I’m sharing the rest of these in black and white. I edited both ways, but was trying out a custom preset in Light Room. I’m always searching for the perfect one. Not sure it exists. Tweak and tweak some more.

Love Does,

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