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the one with Maddie + Bryce and #thatdress


This is Maddie and Bryce.  I've watched these two grow up in Slaton, meet at school in Southland and fall in love.  And guess who gets to shoot their wedding?  YEP!!!  I DO!!!  Can I get a "woo hoo"?  Hello!  I'm a happy girl.  And we need some applause for that dress up there.  Golly!!!  It's gorgeous!!!!  It rained the day we met to take photos.  We ducked into the greenhouse on campus and quickly broke out into sweaty humans and decided that screw the rain, let's shoot anyway.  It didn't last long and we played behind the library a bit and then made our way to Slaton, USA.  Bryce is a fireman so we just had to make use of the Engine House there on the square.  I love the energy these two have and how much they laugh together.  It makes me all warm inside and very happy that they have each other.

Love does,