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I photographed a wedding on Friday and left early Saturday AM to party with some fabulous women!  HELLO!  Baby Boo is getting married and she had her Bachelorette Party, "country fried" style in Deleon.  No makeup required folks.  She invited the bridesmaids and their mommas to come as well.  Super cool!

All these girls grew up together at Cooper playing sports and hanging out.  Let's face it, playing sports mainly.  And a few of them went to college together.  And the mommas hung out as well, team dinners, cheering them on, sharing dreams and wishes.  It was so good to get away and reconnect.  

The place we stayed was on Cari's parent's land in Deleon.  It's a working ranch and had a great cabin for the girls to stay in and the moms stayed in the guest rooms of the home.  We fished, road ATV's, some shotguns, had a trailer ride up to the high point,  and just enjoyed sharing stories together and talking "wedding talk".   The area was in a burn ban so no "campfire" on the famous hot dog hill, but we still enjoyed smores at home in the kitchen.  

I bought this game called Cads Against Matrimony, which is like that other card game many folks like to play.  It was so funny and I'm sure a bit embarrassing for many involved, but gosh, did you hear the part where I said it was so funny?!?!  

There was a point in the day where someone mistakenly drank bacon grease instead of a cold drink, but hey, accidents happen.  Just a shame I was the one that handed the can to them.  I'm hanging my head in shame and forever apologizing.  

I also got to see my baby girl, Kalyn Marie.  She's a bridesmaid and drove up from Austin.  It wasn't a near long enough visit, but it was definitely full of hugs and love.  I wish we could do this at least one every few months, just to get away and connect.  I love these people and I'm so happy Lauren, aka "Boo" has found her guy. He's definitely a keeper.

Love Does,