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the one with the wedding of Renee + BJ


Renee and BJ are truly passionate people when it come to the following: church, family and each other. I first sat down with them earlier this year and they were planning for a September wedding. Fast forward a couple of months and I received a message asking me if I had time in June instead? Her dress was ready, they were ready, why not go ahead and get married in June? So, they did. And lucky for me I got to be a part of it.

Lately is seems everyone is getting married outdoors, in barns, fields, in wedding venues. Renee + BJ were adamant about receiving the sacrament of marriage for their wedding so their ceremony took place in church. When we first sat down to discuss wedding details, I could easily tell how much these two love their church!

It’s always sad to finally blog a wedding. I get so attached to the images, to the couple. It’s like saying goodbye. I don’t like it. It leaves me feeling a little blue and I tend to snack a lot when I’m blue feeling. So, yes. I blame Renee and BJ for the extra 5 pounds I gained after their wedding day. (sniff sniff) But there’s always another wedding around the corner and I love them so!

Best wishes to these two. They inspired me to dive deeper into the mysteries of our church and really partake of the blessings that are provided to us in the sacraments. Two kids, really, getting involved at the level they have, the intensity of the love they have for each other AND the church, well, it just made me so happy. It made me want to be a better Catholic.

Much LOVE,