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the one where Katy + Chris rehearse at FUMC


When I started photographing weddings, my goal was to photograph a wedding at FUMC.  It's a gorgeous downtown church with beautiful stained glass windows.  I felt that was the BEST wedding in Lubbock and I wanted to be the best.  Well, over the years of this gig, I've photographed dozens of weddings there.  

Then a change hit about 5 years ago and everyone started getting married in venue barns instead of church.  So, when Katy told me she planned on getting married at FUMC, I was THRILLED to be back indoors.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good "barn wedding" but air conditioning is always an issue and you know, there's something very charming about a girl getting married in the church she grew up in. 

AND, her reception is in a gin, so there!

Love Does,