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Just look at that ring?  HELLO!  Wouldn't you have said yes?  I mean, come on!  That sure is a pretty diamond.  LOVE!  I'm late to the blogging game, but here's Grant + Lexi's fabulous Catholic Wedding!!! They were married back in January, so I'm about 4 months late blogging these, but I'm committed to blogging more and more each day.  And why not start with this fabulous wedding!  I love looking back through old blog posts and pictures and realized I didn't blog near enough in 2017, so get ready for it folks!  I'm throwing a massive amount of kick ass pictures your way today!!!

A little back story about why I love Grant + Lexi so much.  For one, Grant is family.  We have a lot of family in these here parts and his dad and my husband are cousins.  But that's not why I love them.  I love them because we all spent one night in the freezing cold after Steven Hart married Haley Ritchie (also Cooper classmates) talking for a good hour or two.  We discussed everything from Religion to money to food, etc. and I quickly realized that these two kids were seriously getting their crap together and taking on the world.  And the funny thing about that is, no one thought Grant could do it!  I mean, he's super fun and crazy and yes a hard worker, but come on!  Grant has LIVED and LIVED and LIVED some more and almost everyone I know has a Grant story or two. And they don't all involve the thought, "getting his crap together".  You know?  But that night I saw them in a different light and got to know Lexi more as well.  She's strong, not the mention beautiful and if anyone can handle crazy loveable Grant, it's her.  It's definitely her. (I love you Lexi!)

They were married at Grant's childhood church, Christ the King in Lubbock with the reception at Kitalou Gin.  There was so issues the week before due to a priest's funeral and it could have thrown a major hitch in our photography plans, but we worked it out and now looking back?  It was no big deal. I mean just look at all the wonderful memories we captured!

There was a moment during the ceremony, when the priest was blessing the couple and Grant just has the most serious expression on his face.  He was taking all of this very seriously and was definitely having a conversation with God at that moment.  I could literally feel it through my camera.  This boy lives hard, loves hard and feels deeply.  (I love you Grant! )  It's one of my favorite pictures I've made at a wedding and probably why I didn't blog immediately.  Sometimes you like to keep something to yourself because you are worried if you share it with everyone it will get diluted and not be understood.  Does that make sense?

Once the celebration moved to Kitkalou, it got LOUD and PROUD.  They had a Grand March to kick off the dancing and the party just kept rolling and rolling from there!!  I had so much fun making photos with their family and friends!!!  Serious Fun!  Enjoy this sneak peek and see if you can spot Lexi's gorgeous, expressive momma!  She was so much fun and I can see where Lexi gets that witty personality from.  

Best wishes to these two humans.  I'm so happy for them both!!! 

Love Does,