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the one with Koal + Courtney, an engagement session in the LBK


I adore this kid on the right, I truly do.  I've watched him grow up and I've prayed for him throughout his life.  I'm pretty tight with his momma + daddy.  And I'm very happy he's found his forever girl.  His FOREVER GIRL!!!  She's the. pretty one on the left.  But I selfishly cried, just a bit, when I heard the news of their engagement.  Yep.  I cried.  I was secretly hoping that one of the Houcin boys would marry one of the Bednarz girls and then me and Emily, Koal's momma, could REALLY be related. We'd be like outlawed inlaws!  How cool would that be?  And you can't blame me for thinking this.  Honestly you can't.  The entire town of Slaton was thinking this way back in the day.  In the early 2000's, our kids where chosen to be the sweet  little  Homecoming Kings and Queens by the town of Slaton.  See?  They thought it as well!!!  I have the photo proof.  Somewhere... I'll dig them up in just a minute and post them. So, keep coming back to this blog because I'm going to blow it up soon.  But back to my crying.  

So, I cried when I heard that Koal and Courtney were engaged and getting married.  There goes my dream of Summer + Koal.  BOO HOO!!!  But then I got super happy when they asked me to photograph them.  Like truly happy.  I've known and watched Courtney grow up a bit as well. And she's a keeper.  She loves Koal and you can obviously see it when the two are together.  I'm happy that my family of Houchins is bringing in a new member to the fold.  Welcome sweet, beautiful Courtney!!!  No worries here.  Me and Emily will still be friends and maybe one of my girls can wait to fall in love until Kutter, Koal's baby brother?  That might be weird now, but not in 10 years or so.  I won't give up the dream!!  LOL 

Back to some kick ass photos...

Enjoy your sneak peek, you cuties!!  And thank you for basically going along with Emilly and not letting anyone else photograph the two of you.  I love you both!!  And just so you know, I'm still praying.  

Love Does,