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It took FOREVER.  I mean, come on, Prom was back in April?!?!?  But finally, finally, after sifting through almost 10K images and color correcting, cropping and perfecting for all those sweet Pirates out there, I'm FINISHED!  Did you hear that UNIVERSE?  I finished the PROM GALLERY!  

The LCP Prom Gallery 2018 is published and ready for you!!!


Just click that link above and be taken to those AWESOME photos!

My Notes from this year...

  • floral dresses were big.  HUGE.  As in HUGE skirts with bare midriffs and lots of pretty flowers.  IT was like a garden in this joint.  It really was.  
  • Decorations were the BEST!  The Prom Committee didn't go for the cheesy cutouts and impossible structures that take a 1/2 a day to put together and typically don't mean a thing, and unfortunately, end up in the trash.  Instead?  Flowers on tables and uplighting.  It was beautiful and pretty and oh they smelled lovely!  Very impressed.  Give yourselves a pat on those heavily tanned and glittery back, Prom Committee.  LOVE!
  • I need two Party Booths.  Yep.  I've said this before, in the last few years, but it's so true.  With the growth we've had at Cooper, there's so many students now, it's time for another Party Booth that runs alongside this one.  The line takes forever to get through and many of the students don't want to wait and would rather dance on the dance floor.  I don't blame them.  I need to invest in another Party Booth set up.  This means, one thing... go buy pictures!  Make it worth my while and I will invest in another set up so there's no line next year.  I'll save my nickels!
  • I don't get paid so, should I do this again?  I mean, my kids aren't there, or even in Lubbock anymore and I still drag myself up there to work for 4 hours straight and no breaks.  Every day after prom, when my prom-hangover hits, I tell myself, that's it.  I'm done!  I'm too old for this!  This is the last one.  No more.  And then I start editing the photos and I get some much-needed rest and I forget how hard it is.  Like labor, I forget when I see all the pretty pictures and fun moments.  This booth really is so much fun!  But I'm definitely thinking about this for next year.  
  • What do kids really want from prom photos?  I mean, do they even want them?  Like in print them and frame them for their room?  Their memories?  Or are they simply keeping them on their phones? Alongside the ones they made earlier in the night and shared on snapchat and Instagram.   Maybe this thing, Prom Photos, is a dinosaur and it should be laid to rest?  Not sure about that one.  Thoughts?  Share them below, I'd love to hear them!
  • Super cool suits.  A trend I noticed this year several times, less rented tuxes and more bought suits that fit super nice.  Overall everyone looked superb!  I gotta say, those boys looked nice.  The suits fit well, and they had more options when trying to match their dates.  Cool vests, nice tweeds, even some super slick pinstripes.  Also, I didn't notice any Drew Khonle knock offs such as ruffles or tails or all one color with walking canes and top hats.  Where were the top hats?  For the most part, the boys played it safe and sharp.  But I do miss me some Drew.  
  • not recognizing kids. This happened several times throughout the night!  Many came up and introduced themselves because I honestly could NOT recognize them!  I'm used to seeing them on the court, the sidelines, the stands, and in street attire, not full makeup and hair!  It's always crazy to see how much they transform and grow up through the year.  We've got some AWESOME kids at Cooper and it renews my faith in humanity to see them all having fun together and being happy.  

That's all I got folks.  I'm slowly arching proms from previous years, which means I'm uploading them to. my web galleries.  Feel free to click HERE to see more past events and proms.  And in the mean time, I'll look for Drew's photo in that orange tux.  

Love does,