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the one with Kortnee + Tanner


These two give me "all the feels"!   You can just feel the love between them in this photo above and that makes me all giggly and warm inside.  Just like my first, grade school crush!  This is Tanner + Kortnee, and they are getting married later this year down in the Houston area.  Her parents are building a lake home and that's where they have chosen to host the wedding.  I LOVE that!  I secretly dream that someday they will pave this dirt road I'm now living on, (yes, I need to update you on the Bednarz Farm Casa, we moved!) and when they do pave it, we can host our daughter's wedding receptions here.  How awesome would that be?!! You know, under the BIG West Texas Stars, dancing with twinkle lights up in our pecan trees, a band playing slow jams and kick ass country songs, and everyone having a grand time!  Yep.  I can dream.  But Kortnee and Tanner?  THEY GET THAT!  They get to dream and plan and have that kind of wedding.  And I get to photograph it!!!  How lucky am I?  Enjoy the sneak peek from their engagement session.  Huge shout out to the Shannon Davis for introducing me to her niece.  You made a good match. 

Love does,