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When life gives you a 2nd chance, it’s just THE best! It truly is. And it’s even better when I get to photograph it! Haley and Ryan are getting married next year in April at Horseshoe Knot Event Center. We met one gorgeous evening to make a few pictures together. I even got to photograph their kids, which was a total treat for me. This empty nest, living with only a dog and husband is killing me. I need someone’s kids to chase around now and again, so YES! Bring on the KIDS!!!

Q + A

How did you two meet?
We had mutual friends introduce us at their cinco de mayo party!

Who kissed who first?
He kissed me first. 😁

The moment you knew you found the one.
I can't think of a moment, we just kind of "knew". 

Favorite thing you do together that I can talk about on my blog?
We love to do things with our kids, watch movies, snorkel, kayaking. 

What do you do for a living? And what do you secretly wish you could do?
Ryan owns a carpet/tile/air duct cleaning business.  He secretly wishes he built hot rods. 
I am a mortgage loan assistant and secretly wish I was a dental hygienist. 

A song title that describes your relationship? Or favorite song.
I'm still trying to think of a song. That's a hard one. 
God Gave Me You, by Blake Shelton

Thank you, both of you, and your sweet boys for hanging with me. Let’s continue to make beautiful images together.

Love Does,