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the one where Kati + Kirk get married at Cotton Creek Barn in New Home


Christmas came and went like a BEAST!  I had sessions up until the day before and did I tell you?  We are redoing our farm house.  Coming down to the end stuff and it's getting intense.  So, blogging a wedding is a wonderful distraction for me, you know while watching football.  I'm literally sitting in the floor of my rental house watching Minnesota play Philadelphia play for the NFC Championship.  Philly is looking good.  

This is Kati + Kirk.  Kirk is a bull fighter and Kati is a teacher.  They are totally smitten with each other and it shows every-time they touch or look at each other.  It's so sweet.  Kati's dad was a police officer.  He was killed in the line of duty when she was little.  Her dad's friends made the trip from Houston and they were her "something blue".  You'll see a photo below of one of the ring bearers carrying a sign with "her something blue" on it.  Too cute!  The officers even danced with the bride during the reception in place of her father.  Pretty neat, if you ask me.  

Kirk's family is down-home country, even herding some pigs the morning of the wedding and fixing a fence.  When you have animals, crops, farms...there's no vacation days.  Even on weddings.  Even on your son's wedding!  Mom was letting sleeve hems out of groom's jackets and resewing them up so everyone looked their best.  Yeah.  She's good.

The wedding was held at Cotton Creek in New Home.  Plenty of little nooks and crannies to photograph around.  Such a lovely rustic feel.  I do wish they would install some lights down by that north barn door where everyone chooses to get married.  It would spot light the bride and groom in such a sweet way.  Sure, I can shoot anything and make it work, but golly it would be nice if the bride and groom were the BRIGHTEST thing in the room.  Are you reading this Cotton Creek?  I mean to a photographer, LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING.  We crave it, chase it, create it.  

These two did have the cutest little people at their wedding.  That's what I fondly call flower girls and ring bearers.  These two were so adorable!  Completely adorable!   Be sure and find their picture below in my sneak peek.