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the one where Sarah + Colby get married at St. Joseph Church


I've been bad about starting posts and then not finishing them and leaving them in the draft folder FOREVER.  Sarah's wedding suffered that misery and when I was sharing photos from the yearbook kids, I found this post.  HELLO!  How could I not share her FUNTASTIC wedding!  

I was so thankful I got to be a part of this day!  Sarah and Colby were everything a couple SHOULD be on their wedding day.  IN love, in the moment and enjoying every second of it!!!  She danced and danced and danced some more!  And then, with her great BEDNARZ family along for the ride, the night just got better and better!

Enjoy the sneak peek and if you ever get the chance to go to a BEDNARZ wedding, DO IT!  Those Gannon's are pretty darn fun, too.

Love Does,

  • first looks.  Sarah didn't plan on having so many, and she didn't have one with Colby, but she did with her Dad, her Grandparents AND her brothers!  We were all in tears in that bride's room before it was over.  She is cherished something fierce in her family.  I love how MUCH they show it, too.  
  • the cereal box. She was married in my home church, St. Joseph in Slaton by Deacon Behnke.  He held up a cereal box of Lucky Charms and the best man received it.  I can't remember the story, but he related marriage to the "LUCKY" part, maybe?  Super great and now, every time they see Lucky Charms Cereal, they'll think of their wedding.  How cool is that?
  • sunflowers What else for this country girl?  Those yellow sunflowers were perfect for this elegant country wedding in her gorgeous lace dress.  Well played, my dear, well played.
  • flamingos + shots.  Her momma has a thing for flamingos and the shots?  let's just say it's a family affair. 
  • the junior bridesmaid, Katelyn I hope I'm spelling her name correctly, but I couldn't let me notes go by without talking about her.  For one, she's limber.  Scroll down just to see that feat.  Two, she's one of the prettiest little things you ever did see.  Oldest sister to an entire mess of young brothers and cousins.  Three?  EXCITED about being involved in this wedding, let me tell you!  She was at the bridal session as well and I just love how involved she was with EVERYTHING.  Sarah including her in this part of her life is just a testament to how much family means to her.  It's not just a talk with her, this girl "walks the walk".  
  • family affair Everyone was such a big help!  Bringing things, decorating things, doing things.  Everyone had a part in this day and it made it all the more special.  People, have lots of family at your wedding.  And have a BIG family.  Sarah and Colby, may you be blessed with many little bambinos so they can help at their cousin's wedding.  Deal?
  • her mother's viel. Sarah wore the veil her mother wore when she got married.  It's was beautiful on her! And such a treat for those that were at that wedding, to see Sarah walk down that aisle.  She's the only girl in this family of 5 and her brothers have married and started their families.  So, this was just another thing that made my heart swell, and I'm sure other's as well.
  • our church is GORGEOUS. I realize a lot of churches are gorgeous, but seriously, scroll down and look.  Yes, it's red carpet, like the blood of Jesus is red, but that altar and statues and stations of the cross?  Besides a bouquet coming down the aisle, you don't need to dress her up.  She's already dressed.
  • the ceremony. Colby's family walked him down the aisle and then they waited while Sarah and her mom + dad