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the one where Mallory + Parker get married!


I've watched Mallory grow up in good old Slaton USA.  Her family goes to church with my family.  Her ancestors and my in-laws were practically "out-laws" together.  Oh, the stories I've heard through the years!  So much history, so much love.  I was honored when she chose me to photograph her wedding.  Completely honored.  And I didn't handle the task lightly.  I wanted to be sure and document all the fun memories and tears and love for that day.  Gosh!  There was so much love!  Mallory gives with her entire heart and she makes everyone feel completely comfortable and wanted.  Heck, the girl even had a thank you gift for me when I arrived.  Who does that?  

She was married in the backyard of Lisa Nowlin, a good family friend and it was perfect.  Her cousins helped seat guests and handed out programs.  Other family members prepared food at the reception and danced their asses off.  It was such a fun day!  Parker looked especially dashing in that sueded jacket and those broken in boots I love so much.  He kept his glassess off for a large part of the prep, and I expect that was so he could hide how he was feeling.  These two are really good together.  And I'm really happy for them both.

I love a good home town wedding!

Love Does,