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I love a little coffee break now and then.  When you work from home, on a computer all day, you find a lot of things on the internet.  Here are a few of my most recent finds.

A little ballet to start your morning.

I'm big into podcasts and I really enjoyed THIS episode.  I can so relate.  I'm a constant work in progress.

Do you wanna have a good day?  It all starts with THIS.

A "wedding in a box", the bride's dad said.  I say "great lace" and why documentary photography is so important.  Kick ass photography ahead.

I've been taking better photos with my iPhone.

With all this rain, I should definitely invest in these.  Are you listening Santa?

Does anyone else stress about what to wear to work each day?  Hello!  Raising my hand.  And I work from home.

This looks like fun.  Anyone up for an adventure?  Bring your hiking boots.

Life is busy, quit apologizing.  

Does anyone ever wonder about the life of a funeral director

Happy Friday!