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the one where Rachel + Taylor get married at the Apple Orchard


Rachel and Taylor were married this summer at The Orchard outside of Idalou.  It was a very hot day so with an outdoor ceremony...well, you know how that is in West Texas.  MISERABLE.  But this day?  Nope.  This day, even though the sweat was dripping down my body in places I had forgotten about, this day was superb.  SUPER with a B folks!  Rachel and Taylor are loved by so many people, and good people too.  I mean, I didn't FBI check them or anything, but I love people who are real and who look you in the eye when you are talking with them.  People who don't have a pretentious bone in their body and make you feel like you've been friends with them forever.  THAT'S the kind of people Taylor and Rachel have.  

The toasts were heartfelt and so special and the celebration was perfect.  I so enjoyed myself.  It wasn't that hot, even.  I I mean it.  After the ceremony, the land cooled and we enjoyed ourselves.  WAIT...I almost forgot the most fun thing ever!!!!  The Hurrah!!!  Rachel and Taylor had a hurrah!  And the band that played?  AMAZEBALLS! They had folks coming up to them from the East Coast telling them how well they played that song.  They had to learn it just for this wedding reception.

I can't thank them enough for trusting me with this day.  I tried really hard to make pictures that would last forever and be timeless, not trendy and ones they would be proud to show future generations when they are asked, "Mom and Dad, tell us about your wedding day.  What was it like?"

Love Does,

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