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I remember when my babies were this little!  I always felt folks were judging how good a baby she was on how well she behaved.  And many times, I felt people had very high expectations for little bodies in public places.  I would let it affect me as a mommy.  Like I was doing something wrong.  I let it eat at my self-esteem and that natural instinct I felt inside.  I know having children and practically raising them in public, (Take One Video Babies) has totally helped me and eventually, I started listening more to that inside voice.  That inside mommy's voice, that's one you should totally listen to because if you have your priorities right, and you are taking care of yourself and them, don't doubt yourself. Just don't.  You deserve to PARENT your kid because you know that KID better than anyone.  

This brings me to this cute little family.  I mean, just look at the joy in that kid's eyes!  HELLO!  She's not even 2 and barely toddling around and we have a session scheduled just a few minutes before her bedtime.  AND she didn't take a great nap.  Do you see where I'm going with this mommas?  

This session was for a magazine where you feature a resident in the neighborhood.  So, as parent's of this child, you would hope she could sit still for a few seconds to get a picture or two for the publication.  Simple enough.  Right?  But, if you are the "almost 2-year-old" and you don't understand magazine's and can't even read them, but you do understand outside and puppies and flowers and walking, what do you think you are going to want to do when the photographer takes you outside for your photograph?  You are going walking folks.  And I could feel this, like deep in my mommy bones, so I decided to roll with it.   We walked the block a time or two and then quickly got what we needed for our magazine.  

Roll with it, momma.  Just roll with it.  

Such a precious little family.

Love Does,


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