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the one with the Cannon Family in Kingsgate

My friend, Carri lives in Kingsgate.  In fact, she's a block from this family.  I've walked past this house before, I think.  We used to walk together in the mornings back in July.  

I try and learn something with every session I photograph.  In this case, time and lighting were working against me.  But I know a big time, magazine journalists, they don't have the luxury of scheduling a client when they get a project.  They just have a deadline and the client typically only gives them a few minutes of their time.  

When I contacted this family, a good time with busy families is Sunday afternoon.  Not the BEST time of day for lighting, but the photographs still need to be made and the deadline still needs to be met.  So, I made it work.  You look for the open shade, the clean backgrounds, the space for everyone to connect and be together.  

This family had a great backyard and a super cute new addition, the puppy you see above. 

If you live in the Kingsgate area, contact me and we can make pretty photos of your driveway and front porch.  LOL. 

Love does,


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