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the one with a pano shot of Austin on the 4th of July


Last year, I was in Austin for the 4th. I had a wedding that weekend, (shout out to DJ + Kinsey, Hello!  Happy 1 year!!!) and I stayed an extra day or so. Kalyn Marie was moving and I thought I'd help. It worked out great because Bridgette, Ashlyn, and Meghan were passing through on their way to a basketball camp. I love it when life works that way!  


We decided to grab dinner at Chuy's and then head to the river for some fireworks. I'd do this again minus the parking. Next time?  I'll Uber. We got stuck in the parking garage for a long long time. Kind of put a damper on the night.  

Kalyn Marie's very good friend Christine was there hanging with us and that's always a good thing. And despite the heat, it was gorgeous and a great night!  

Happy 4th July Everyone!