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Happy 4th of July, America!

Summer Zoe, my youngest, had surgery last week.  It's nothing too serious, but we do need to stay home pretty much for a couple of weeks.  So, that means, we don't have big plans this 4th of July.  Devin is at the Slaton park cooking with the Knight's of Columbus, so that leaves me and Summer.  I think we may take in a movie.  That's it for us this year, I think.  It will be weird to not have the fireworks going off all around us.  This is our first year of living in town.  For the last 7 years, we've had fireworks going off all around us out at Saddleclub.  That was one of my favorite things, to lay by our pool, or in it and simply watch the fireworks on all sides going off like crazy!  They put on quite a show out there and they are just our neighbors!  LOL

I'm slowing scanning in photos around here and thought I'd share some of July 4th 2001.  For those interested, I'm taking these photos with my iPhone and storing them in the cloud as well as backing up to external disc.  I hope to eventually get all my photos organized and easily accessible.  Gosh, that would be a dream!  Wouldn't it?  

I hope everyone is having a great Holiday.  

Love Does,