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the one where Summer Zoe has hip surgery

When Summer was in high school, her senior year, she stopped playing ball.  She had taken a bad fall between her sophomore and junior year and damaged her pelvis and hip area.  She had surgery on her right hip, the one she cut with the most on the court, and at that time, the doctor told her that she'd know when it would be time to do the other.  Over the last 2 years, it just kept getting worse and worse, so over the summer break, she decided it was time.  

We made the trip up last week and that's the reason why we are staying home for the 4th.  She's got 2 weeks of recovery time before she can start PT and even walking again.  I have a wedding coming up in Colorado, (HELLO, Rebecca!!!) and I plan on taking her with me to "get away".  I mean, she did just get back from Europe, so it's not like she hasn't "gotten away", but still.  Everyone needs a goal to work towards.

I took these photos with my iPhone.  I've been following a guy online and watching his videos and tutorials and learning more and more tricks about it.  Getting better all the time.  I'm loving having it with me all the time!  Such a great way to document life.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers!

Love does,