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the one where Melissa + Richard get married at The Legacy

I photographed at The Legacy again!  And I know most photographers hate working at the same venue over and over again, but me?  I don't mind.  Because when you photograph documentary style, every wedding is completely different.  Completely!  Because God created everyone different and we don't behave the same.  So even though the walls and lighting inside are the same, the couple is not.  And they behave differently and it's a challenge for me to make sure I tell THEIR story.  Their unique wedding day story and do so in a manner that is truthful and real for them.  

BAM!  I'm in a documentary mood, can you tell?  LOL

I present, Richard and Melissa's sneak peek for your consideration.  They were married back in March and I was working on my profile for a wedding service I'm signing up for and realized I never blogged their wedding!  Shame on me!

One advantage that the Legacy has that many venues don't, the lighting.  The Legacy knows how to highlight the main people of the day, the bride and groom.  I love that about them!  They lighting is always gorgeous on the couple!  They also have wonderful stairs to use when grouping large family portraits.  That totally helps as well.

When I first arrived to photograph the bridal prep, I didn't recognize the bride!  OMGEEEE!!!  It was so funny!  She had her glasses on and I was looking around for her and then felt like a total idiot when I realized it WAS her!   Great funny moment!  To be fair, it had been a couple of months  since we met.  We got straight to business of beauty and makeup.  Her sister went first.  I'm not big on remember people who do hair and makeup.  I should, but golly, I don't.  I'm too busy composing and searching for moments.  But her sister's hair did not turn out very good.  Think prom hair early 2000's, so they seriously redid it 20 minutes before heading down the aisle.  I'm not even kidding!!!!  Her poor sister had so much hairspray in her lungs that I think it made her sick.  She was puking in the restroom and the wedding was delayed for a bit.  The girl was such a trooper!  She was fine in a few minutes and really enjoyed the reception!

I enjoyed the time with the bride in the bride’s room.  They were a fun group!  They had done a lot of decorating themselves and it was fun to have them all helping each other.  Melissa was very thoughtful with her gifts for each girl and just warm and friendly to everyone.  Not a bridezilla AT ALL.  The colors she choose were fabulous to photograph and because she crafted everything herself, they lasted throughout the entire day.  Heck, that bouquet she made?  Instant heirloom.  So, yes.  I was very impressed by this girl!  Well, done, Melissa!

Bride’s brother had a ponytail.  Like a LONG pony tail.  I think it was the secret of his strength.  Like Samson.  Or maybe it’s the secret to his dancing?  Not sure.  Verdict is still out.  Maybe you can tell by the photos below.

The couple had a Paris Theme.  She really wants to go there someday.  You know?  I do as well, so Melissa?  Let’s make that happen.  We’ll go and I’ll make sure you two get amazing photos!!!  LOL

Melissa, I want your skin.  Like seriously want your skin. I have this Welsh complexion that just doesn’t compare to your gorgeous skin!  HELLO!  Just check out the before section of her pictures.  BEFORE makeup?  It’s so pretty and smooth and those cheekbones, I mean, HELLO!  Her cheekbones are INSANELY gorgeous!  Gosh, I missed that line when God was handing them out.

I spend a lot of time watching people. I’m a people watcher.  And watching Melissa interact with her future in-laws on her wedding day, was a treat!  They have a great sense of humor together and are very playful and just lovely together.  That’s so important for “going the distance”.  Long term.  You know?

They did a dollar dance, which I've seen many times at weddings, but when Melissa and her mom danced together, they hugged so tight they squeezed all the tears out of each other.  Pretty emotional moment.  

We danced the night away and I'm sure the party continued for quite some time at an alternate location, but this girl?  She went home and rested her poor aching feet.  I loved this wedding and these people!  They were such a joy to work for.  So much so, it really didn't feel like work.

Love Does,