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the one with the Parade of Homes 2017


Guess what?  I finally made it to the Parade of Homes!!!  I've always wanted to go. And I sort of have, almost.   last year I helped Keri Bednarz and Tesori Homes with some pictures. So I got to see that paticulat home. But I've never toured ALL the Homes featured on a parade. What a treat!  For anyone who loves "housey shows", that's what me and my girls call HGTV, the Parade is a MUST. It's a great way to see a lot of spaces up close and personal.  They are all typically decked out and decorators with all the latests trends in home design and decor. Very cool!  But it can also be completely overwhelming if you don't prepare.

There's dozens of homes in each featured neighborhood and it's hard to see everything in one visit. No way, Jose!  No way.  So here's my tips for going to the Parade of Homes. At least from a seasoned one year veteran.

  • take a friend who's been before  The picture above?  That's Susan. She graduated from Cooper and is an up and coming designer in Lubbock. We are redoing a farm house out in the country and this chick is doing the tile in the bathrooms and kitchen. More on that for another post. If you bring a friend that has been befoe, they can give you a heads up about what to expect.  Plus, everything is more fun with a friend!
  • wear flip flops.  They don't allow shoes. Or drinks and food. Which I think is such a tragedy. I mean we are melting in the West Texas heat and how awesome would it be to pretend we are at a Vanity Fair party inside some of these homes!  I mean, we need to invinsion ourselves living here, and this self loves a good cocktail now and again, so please pour me a drink.  And each place usually has some amazing outdoor kitchen or modern cool bar that's just dying for a wicked cool drink. But no. No food or drinks or shoes. So you leave them at the door and keep them simple. Easy on, easy off.
  • be prepared to walk.  There's quite a few homes in each neighborhood. 10 at least or so. And each one is at least a couple of thousand square feet. Shoot, One is over 8000 square feet!  And many are multiple stories. So, be prepared to walk. ALOT.
  • go potty before you get there.  Each home has bows attached to their toilets. They wrap them up and offer port a pots instead. Yep. I made a sonic run before I left the house. Big mistake. I got to use a portable. Fun for me. Lol
  • make tons of pictures.  Looking back through these images, I realize I didn't nake near enough phots!  Hello!  I know I was looking and exploring and loving so many of the details in this house.  And that's great!  Being in the moment is indeed an awesome thing but it when you are trying to remember what you saw tile wise, lighting wise, etchello!  Make lots and lots of pictures!  You'll appreciate them later. 


Thank you, Susan for taking me on this tour.  I loved it!  And I hope to be a regular attendee each year.  It's fun!  I would like to see them add a beverage place at some point during the tours.  I wouldn't mind partying on someones patio next year!  

Love Does,