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the one where Haley and Trey rehearse at Horseshoe Bay Resort

I'm in Horseshoe Bay photographing Trey and Haley's wedding and loving every minute of it!  

First of all, Trey designed some geotags for snapchat, which I've really gotten into this past year  It's kind of fun. LIke a mini way to broadcast your life to your world.  If anyone is even listening.  I love it and these geotags are things you swipe over the screen that typically show your location.  Well they had geotags that featured their wedding info.  You know, like date and location and such.  They were super cute!  And I'll share a few if I get my iPhone charged up again.  HELLO! Everything needs charging in my life.  Me included after this wedding weekend!  Gosh, I had fun!

But this blog post is about the rehearsal.  Gosh, it was GORGEOUS!  I mean, come on.  We are in Horseshoe Bay! This is a gorgeous place!  It totally got me in the mood for the wedding day.  I've done a wedding here before, but the last one was during the drought.  Hello! Total transformation!!!!  Just tons of green, green and more green!  A girl like me could get used to a place like this.  I wonder if they'd let me move in?

The dinner was held at On the Rocks and they had a live band playing.  The place was under construction and literally ON THE ROCKS.  We had a lovely dinner overlooking the bay.  The food was good.  I left the party early, because let's face it, these things go long and I needed to recharge for the next day.  Enjoy the photos!  I'll share more from the wedding later this week.

Love Does,