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the one where Keleigh + Tate get married

These two were married at St. Paul's Methodist Church here in Lubbock.  Needless to say, I've never photographed a wedding there before.  Never stepped inside the place until the day of the wedding.  But that didn't stop me one bit!  Neither did the rain for that matter.  Yep.  You read that right.  These two get married in West Texas in April, no less, and it rains.  RAINS AND RAINS. Okay, so sprinkled and misted, but it had rained buckets the day before so there was wet grass, mud and a chill in the air.

But that didn't stop us.  That didn't stop us one bit!

Keleigh and Tate had an AMAZEBALL day and I worked hard to give them the most kick ass wedding photos I could snap!  How do you think we did together?  

We started the day @ the winery in the bride's room.  The reception was held at Llano and they have a beautiful bride's room, so why not put it to good use and crack open a couple of bottle of champagne?  You see, Keleigh is the kind of girl that makes you feel welcome, happy and most of all, OK to party!  She was having fun, so why not the rest of us?  It was awesome!  At one point, her grandmother sat down on the couch and visited with the girls or maids.  You could tell she has a close relationship with Keleigh and her girls. And even more?  This women tells it like it is!  She had us cracking up!  I remember her doing that at Keleigh's bridal session as well.  I love her!  

Once everyone was gussied up and primped and prodded over, we headed to St. Paul's and I met the guys while they were getting ready.  Duct tape.  Yep.  It's important to have in almost any situation.  And today?  The guys needed duct tape.  See, their boots wouldn't fit inside the skinny pant legs that they had on their tuxedo's.  Too funny!

Also, Tate is a pretty emotional guy.  I could definitely tell when I first met him, and witnessing him during the day, such as writing Keleigh's note before the ceremony, you could just feel the love inside this guy.  He's totally smitten! And it showed when she walked down the aisle as well.  And before she came down?  Her girls?  They winked, they smiled, they teared up...they love Tate, too!  It's just a super close feeling begin around this bunch.  This group is truly friends in the best sense, not just the party sense.  I just soaked it all up and poured it all out of my camera!

Even if Keleigh didn't graduate from "good ole' Cooper High", she once attended school here and once a Pirate, always a Pirate.  Many Pirates came out and celebrated this bunch!  I loved seeing all the familiar faces!

A huge congratulations to these two!  Keleigh + Tate?  I love the way you two love each other and your family and friends!!! I wish you a world of happiness and laughter!!!

Love Does,