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the one where Lexi + Grant make out in East Lubbock

Yeah, you read that right!  I love a good "make out" session! 

Engagement sessions are typically the first time I get to meet a couple.  But not these two.  I've known Grant his entire life.  His parents, Peewee and Margaret, were the first couple I met when I moved to Lubbock.  We double dated on a bowling date when his mom was 9 months pregnant with is big sister, Katie.  I used to live "right down the road" from them. Which in West Texas means, oh a a mile or so.  LOL

Grant and Lexi fell in love in Canyon. They both went to college there and they have one hell of a first date story!  OMGEEEE!  Grant is a lucky guy.  If you see these two, buy drinks and get them to tell you the story.  You won't be disappointed and you will definitely laugh a time or two.  Or until your belly hurts like I did.  

Life is good. 

Love Does,