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the one with Noah, my nephew's graduation

My nephew graduated from high school this past weekend and I had the pleasure of attending.  He lives in Long Beach, California with my fabulous sister, Kim.  She homeschools her kids and the curriculum he follows, hosted their first ever graduation ceremony.  Noah is a 2017 Graduate of  Mother of Divine Grace School.  The graduation took place at St. Thomas of Aquinas, in Santa Paula.  It's a gorgeous campus and chapel.  Just divine really.  And the founder of the school, Laura Berquist attended the events and spoke at the ceremony.  She did a wonderful job!

I wish my entire family could have attended, but Summer was in Europe and Kalyn was home with Devin in Lubbock,  They were doing some demo work on our farm house. I love our wonderful country, but dang it, we are so big.  I was the only one who could attend.  And attend I did!

It was a lovely weekend!  I'm so happy for Noah and excited about everything he has coming his way!  He's attending California State University Long Beach.  He's studying music.  If you follow me on facebook, then maybe you've seen the video's of him playing piano?  He's quite talented.  

I'm home now and my family weekend is over.  I'll admit it.  I've got a bit of "the blues".  But I have a wedding to photograph this weekend, so all is well.  All is well.

Congratulations, Noah!  I'm super proud of you!

Love does,