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the one where Haley marries Matt at the Legacy in Lubbock

I'm in love with this wedding!  More like, in love with this couple, I tell you.  They were total joy from start to finish!  

Haley + Matt were married back in March, at the Legacy, which I've photographed at before.  It's a lovely venue.  Excellent lighting for the ceremony!  I wish all the venues in Lubbock would light their bride's and groom's.  Sadly, most do not.  They build a lovely barn.  They spend a ton of money fixing the place up and then leave out the most important detail.  The bride and groom.  The bride and groom should be the brightest thing in the room.  HELLO!  The Legacy does that.  They make sure the bride and groom are the brightest thing in the room!  I love it when the people that you are there to celebrate, are bright and shiny and happy.

Their wedding day was happy.  Joyful in fact!  Haley made sure everyone there felt welcome and wanted.  Lot of love and laughter!  

Enjoy their sneak peek!

Love Does,