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the one with Cooper Prom 2017

Cooper Prom has got it going on!  Cooper's Prom has got it going on!  Remember that song a few years ago?  About "Staci's Mom"?  Now sing those opening words again and you'll be in the mood for this blog post.  YES!

I celebrated one of high school's BEST nights last night!  With the student body of Lubbock Cooper at the Civic Center in the LBK and had an absolute BLAST doing it!  I'm only a 1/4 of the way through the editing, but will knock out the rest after I get back from a session or two this afternoon.  

Enjoy the sneak peek for now and head on over to THE PROM GALLERY to pre-register so you can be notified when the gallery is complete and ready for your viewing pleasure.

Thank you Lubbock Cooper Kids for rocking in it my Party Booth and making me have a great night!  You definitely got it going on!!!

Love does,