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the one with a proposal at Jones Stadium

I had the honor of photographing a proposal tonight.  In the rain.  Yep.  IN THE RAIN.  My hair is still wet, and my hair is short!  But a guy took the initiative tonight and just went for it!  And I'm so happy he did!  

Kailyn + Tyler are ENGAGED!  With family and friends up in the TT club watching from above, Tyler lured Kailyn there, with a story about winning a promotion at work.  She thought she was there for dinner and a photo on the field.  Something Tyler had won at work.  Instead?  He dropped to one knee and proposed!  This girl was surprised!  She chunked that umbrella and hugged his neck. Which I couldn't hear, but I'm sure was a yes!

Congratulations you two!  I'm super happy for you!! And hello!  I hear you may be looking for a wedding photographer.  (hint-hint)

Love Does,

PS. Cute story...Tyler still had the ticket from a game they attended here when they were students.  How cute is that?!?!  You'll see it below.