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This sweet girl above?  Taylor?  She danced at my wedding in a way.  Her mom, Leslie, was pregnant with her when I got married.  I've watched her grow up in to a beautiful young lady.  One of great character and sweetness that at times, I felt belonged in a fairy tale.  She's just that good.  Saturday, her boyfriend Tyler proposed and I had the pleasure of photographing it.  

*people, I love photographing these!  If you know anyone that is planning to propose, big or small, simple or extravagant, please share my name with them.  It's my thing.  It's my jam!  I love it so!

Her mom called a couple of months ago.  Tyler had a ring and had asked her dad for permission.  There's a story about this involving a can of Copenhagen and ample opportunity allowed, and a road trip to Barnards, but I'll let her daddy, Lyndal tell you that one.  Or Tyler.  There's two versions, as there typically is with all stories.

Tyler planned this all out.  This boy had signs, notes, an awesome barn, a Polaris, some cattlethat needed "caked", remember I'm not a "cattle girl" and even a box of Kleenex, because, it's Taylor after all.  He knew there would be tears. I mean, this was THOUGHT OUT.  I was impressed.

I met him early at the sight to see where the proposal was going to take place and to figure out my strategy.  He was excited, hadn't eaten much, I think he said a snicker's bar?  Anyway,  he keeps his cattle on some land and there's a tree that is significant to the two of them, so his plans were all in place and he simply called her to come "rescue him" from a dead battery. She thought they were heading to dinner with his boss.  The phone call went off much better then expected.  No shouting, no irritation, just that she's be there.  

We hid behind the truck, or I did, until she drove up and when he saw her, he was so nervous he thought he might throw up!  How's that for romance?!  I'll let their pictures tell the story.  I created a slideshow below.  

I just want to say, I raised two girls.  And they spent some time with Taylor growing up.  She was older then them, but they attended the same schools, the same church.  I'm so happy she was in our lives.  Is still in our lives.  I couldn't be happier for her that she met a boy that totally loves and cherishes her.  Plus, he's pretty darn funny at times.  Not to mention, easy on the eyes.  Right ladies?  

Congratulations to the Hurst Family and the Norris Family.  Much love!


Here's the pictures if you'd rather scroll then view the slideshow.