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Lubbock Photo Booth

The lady up there on the left?  That's Mary.  She's super cool and she invited me back to the Lubbock Meals on Wheels Mardi Gras Celebration.  Last year was my first time attending, and I didn't hesitate ONE BIT in saying YES again.  I had so much fun last year!  For one, it's a chance to meet new people and I get to man the PARTH BOOTH.  I LOVE THE PARTY BOOTH!  And I think many folks don't realize it's a great thing to add to your next party, event, special occasion.  Yes.  It's great to have at your wedding, but it's also super fun for other times as well.  

Case in point...the sequences below?  I grabbed them and in the course of 10 seconds or less, they have a great memory of how fun their friendship is, in 4 great images.  I mean, that's a laugh folks!  She's feeling it!  I love people laughing.  Uncontrollable, full throttle LAUGHING!  That's what the Party Booth is all about.

Thank you Mary, for asking me.  And if you want to see more from this night, CLICK HERE.

Love Does,