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the one where I photograph Kayli in less then 10 minutes

I was meeting with Kayli and her mom today and she had mentioned needing a shot or two of Kayli in her college t-shirt.  Well, I left my camera at home.  Completely forgot, so I had Kayli follow me back to our rental home (yep...we moved!) and I would photograph her there.  

I wanted to share the results with you because so many times, photographers as well as clients, stress about "the where" when it's really, ALL ABOUT THE LIGHT.  I had been driving past this alley for 3 weeks now, to and from my home and I just knew I wanted to photograph someone there.  But talking them into standing in a muddy alley for a pretty picture, well, it's not always easy. 

Here's the results from 10 minutes worth of shooting.  Of course, Kayli being totally gorgeous and knowing how "to work it" helped.  Not always the case.  But still!  It's my job to get good photos in any situation.  


Thank you, Kayli!  and shout out to her friend and future roomie, Kat. Great job with the reflector! 

Love does,