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I can't say anything.  This boy.  The one on the right?  I've known him since birth...and I'm in tears just thinking about what a man he's become.  

Congrats, Braxton + Kiersan!!!  They are getting married!!!!  I've started sending couples, grads, brides a Q + A to fill out that helps blog readers get to know the story behind the photos.  It's pretty cool, the answers.  


Q + A

together since when?
May 25, 2013
wow!  It's been that long?  I had no idea.  I knew I had photographed the two of you at like, 15 Cooper proms, but you two are coming up on 4 years.  That's awesome!  Young love!

December 23, 2016
And I'm particularly proud of the fact that I WAS THERE!  HELLO!  This proposal thing is becoming my bag.  I'm loving them!  I've photographed 4 this year already. Guys?  Thinking about "popping that question"?  Call me.

wedding date?|
July 21, 2017

bride's occupation?
Behavioral Innovations
I had to google this.  Pretty cool place that is interested in helping kids with autism.  

bride's hometown?

5 words that Braxton would use to describe you?
gorgeous, sassy, beautiful, outgoing, independent

groom's occupation?
Self Employed
The boy works hard.  I'm sure he helps the family out with some mad farming skills, plus he runs his own business.  Hello!  Us Bednarz Folk work hard.

groom's hometown?

5 words that the bride would use to describe the groom?
handsome, hardworking, supportive, happy, funny

how did you meet?
We knew of each other because I was friends w/ Sydni, his sister, a couple years before we dated.   He started commenting on my instagram pictures & flirting w/ me at Younglife then asked for my number & asked me to prom!
I think that's called "sliding in to her DM's, no?  I'm trying to learn the young lingo.  LOL

what's the most romantic thing he's ever done?
He told me to be ready by a certain time, we went to dinner then he surprised me w/ a pallet in the back of his truck to go lay & look at stars together, then we went to the drive in to see a movie!
Dude!  Impressed!  Braxton's got some game!

and her? The one thing she can do that "totally gets you".
Every time she tries to explain things to me, she at the end of the sentence, she turns her head a little & says "you know?" w/ this cute little smirk on her face.

nicknames? (you know, the sweet disgusting ones that make us giggle and secretly were are jealous. THOSE nicknames.)
I call him babe for the most part and he calls me babe as well, every now & then he also calls me Linda.
Linda?  Braxton has some explaining to do.  I have no idea blog readers.  No idea.

how did he propose?
We went to "look at christmas lights w/ his family" at Vintage Township where my family was hiding!  (and me...) We started to take a picture in front of the gorgeous scenery at the park & all of a sudden he started talking & got down on one knee! Both of our families were there along with a photographer! it was perfect!
Agreed...pretty perfect.  And she forgot the part where the live music dude announced it to everyone and then congratulated them.  Pretty darn cool.  You can view their proposal pictures by CLICKING HERE.

Scroll down for all the pretty photos.  I'm in love!!!

Love Does,