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the one with the "Smokey and the Bandit" card


Everyone loves getting snail mail, right?  You know, the kind of stuff in our mailbox that we maybe check every other day or so?  Most of the time it's  junk mail, catalogs or bills.  UGH.  But hello!  Not today!  How cute is this card?  It's from a company in NM called Power and Light Press.  A client sent it this to me in the mail with these words.

Hi, Kristin.
Thank you for truly going above and beyond coming out to Marfa and shooting our wedding weekend!  We couldn't have dreamed of a better photographer - hope to work with you again!
Sara and John

I normally don't toot my horn, but I couldn't resist with this cute card.  Hands down, one of my favorite weddings weekends EVER!  

If you are planning a wedding weekend, contact me.  I love WEDDING WEEKENDS!