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I had a birthday back in October.  You know that month don't you?  It's that month that sneaks up on you, thinking it's all great because we are wearing boots and sweaters and we have weeks until Santa comes!  HA!  I mean, seriously, just look at me in that photo above.  I'm in flip flops!  Does that not scream, IDIOT?  In all fairness, I am a sunny CA girl at heart and I refuse to wear closed toed shoes until the first snowflake falls.  So there.  

Anyway, back to October.  October is the month before a photographer's life gets CRAZY and INSANE!  You guys will freak when I count all my sessions and weddings this year and post them somewhere on social media.  I have been tremendously busy.  And it's been a struggle at times to keep up with the workload, but it's been so dang rewarding, too.  It has seriously been the BEST year ever!  I've had a crazy amount shooting from October - December.  Hence, why I missed sharing my birthday party with you.

Now ladies.  Speak up.  We really don't like celebrating birthdays much after a certain age, now do we?  I mean, come on!  In our heads, we are 21-year-olds and in the mirror and on the scale?  Something else.  (I think I look like Kate Upton, but the fleshy, jiggly parts?  Much lower.  Yep.  MUCH.) So, it wasn't exactly on my "bucket list" to even share my birthday with you because honestly?  I thought it would be a simple night.  It was, after all the Sausagefest in Slaton @ my home church, St. Joseph that same weekend and I was working much of it.  So honestly, I planned for a simple dinner.  You know, drinks, conversation with a friend.  FREE TIME AWAY FROM MY COMPUTER.

They got me.  They got me good.  "they" being Kalyn Marie, Summer Zoe and Emily.  Emily Houchin.

So, my very best friend, Emily picked me up for dinner and drinks and the illusion that I would bring in the new year of my life gently.  Gently goes the night.  Isn't that what has uttered in that movie the Blind Side?  Well, nothing gently happened my birthday night, let me tell you.  We showed up "for drinks" and a couple dozen of my favorite people in the world were there to celebrate with me.  People, I didn't do a head count, but we massivly took over that party room!  Some driving from forever away!  CRAZY!  CRAZY!  I tell you. 

Of course, mad shenanigans and fun ensued and I felt incredibly loved and special.  Just the way a 21 year old deserves to feel on her special day.  Emily, I love you.  You are the best and you always make me laugh and feel wonderful about myself.  I miss you as I'm typing this.  

To all of you that came and celebrated, to all of you that bought me shots, to all of you that I've known through the years and loved, you are special to me.  And to all the new humans that I will meet this next year and "yonder" (as my FIL says frequently, and I love, btw), THANK YOU.  Humans are pretty darn wonderful when they celebrate life.  We should do it much more often because this world is hard and ugly at times and we need each other.

I intend to celebrate mine quite a bit more.

Love does,

To view more of this AWESOME night, CLICK HERE.  And a big shout out to that Conley Clan, HELLO!  They had a photographer there to take pictures.  I love you guys!!!  

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