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When I photograph families, I miss my kids.  Afterwards, I go home and pull up old photos and get all nostalgic and weepy.  And there’s not even alcohol involved anymore. Insane isn’t it?!  Here I am, empty nest, blessed with a busy business and two kids that are awesome and self sufficient and I’m wishing for the glory days of yesterday.  I think it's a "mom" thing.  But just look at that face above?!?!  I had his sister tell him a secret, and this works great with siblings that are typically very physical and moving and simply not sitting still, and it worked with these two like a charm!  

Thank you, Burkholder family for inviting me into your home and lives on a lazy Sunday.  I sure enjoyed myself!

Love Does,

PS. Keep scrolling for a cute one of Kalyn Marie and Summer Zoe, "back in the day".

Christmas 249.jpg