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2 blog posts in 24 hours people.  Hello!  Someone's getting some serious "office time" and I'm so happy!  Office time typically takes place barefoot with music blaring and plenty of time without interruptions.  LOVE me some good office time!  Oh, and coffee.  Yep.  I'm back on the coffee bandwagon.  I know it can cause inflammation which isn't great for someone with an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto's, which I have, but golly folks.  I sure missed it!  And I love sipping it on a cold morning.  So there!

This blog post consists of the Arrington Family.  I had just a little bit of time with this family, as they are super busy and only had 4 PM on a Friday afternoon available. So whatever the weather, we were shooting.  It happened to be overcast which can be good sometimes, but sometimes it can be too dark.  This day almost was, but we still managed and all the photos I'm sharing with you literally took place in the family's backyard or across the street at a neighbor's.  You make do folks.  And honestly?  If you have cute kids?  Who's really looking at the background?  As long as it's not distracting and it provides a safe place without dog doo, you've got this.

Are you thinking about having family photographs made?  If so, give me a call.  I will totally talk you through the process.  It's so much fun and completely painless and most of all, FUN.

Love Does,

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