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Just walked in the door from Florida and started a load of laundry and barely unpacked.  But I had to blog to update everyone as to what has been going on in my life lately.  It's been insanely fun and crazy!

Why was I in Florida?  Why photographing a wedding, of course, what else?  Some dear friends of  ours, their oldest daughter married her best friend. 


I was there a few months ago and photographed the two of them before.  It was a quick in and a quick out that trip and I didn't even get to dip my toes in the ocean.  This trip, I did!  I photographed their middle daughter, who you see in that opening image.  She's graduating this spring and we went to the beach.  HELLO!  The beach!!!  It's been a while.  Like since what?  2015?  Too long that's for sure.  And my toes were so very happy.  

Plus, I got to hang out for days with their family, in their home, with their pets, with their relatives, fed like a well cared for cow.  Not even kidding.   And I liked it!!!   It was a great way to spend Thanksgiving.  Seriously.  I highly recommened them for your next Turkey Day.  LOL

You may be asking, "why weren't you with YOUR family?"  Well, we were all supposed to be.  And if have talked to me in person lately, then you know this answer.  I've kind of whined about it for weeks now.  BUT, originally, our entire family was going to attend.  Then one by one, things got in the way.  Kalyn Marie was asked to be in her good friend Chantal's wedding, and Summer, being her last semester at TCU, wanted to go to the football game on Friday.  You know, when they beat Baylor?  And of course, Devin wanted to stay with her and see his family at the ranch.  So, one my one, they dropped like flies.  And then there was me.  I bought a plane ticket and made my merry way.  And yes, at first I was whining about it, but the second I walked into their home, that was it.  I was happy.  Not being with my family, well, it kind of sucked.  But I had the NEXT best thing, THE CLABORN FAMILY.  And they were awesome!!! 

I'm back in the office today and scrambling to get caught on all my messages, images, and phone calls.  I'm still dreaming about the sand though.  Just sayin'.  

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