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Time to dump some pretty photos on the blog, folks.  I'm starting with this cute family,  I met Janie, the grandma, in the street in Kingsgate.  I was working in her neighborhood and when I was finished, she introduced herself.  I was so glad she did!  She said her daughter's family needed some new photographs and we chatted a bit, exchanged numbers and a few days later, we all met at the park.  

Have the trees not been absolutely gorgoues lately?!?!  I took advantage of the Garden and Arts Center we have here in Lubbock. It provides plenty of room for wiglly kids to roam around and because of the fenced in area, you don't have to worry about them darting into traffic.  Plus, if you have climbing toddlers, the stairs work great for that as well.

Win win folks.

Needing family pictures?

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