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the one with 5 things I'm lovin' this week

5 quick things I'm loving right now.  I think this would be a fun weekly blog post.  Don't you?

1.  Apple Air Pods

I really WANT these.  And I didn't at first.  I mean, they look like giant Q-tips sticking out of your ears.  But then I saw the videos below, and I was hooked.  Doesn't Apple ALWAYS DO THAT TO US?!??!  They look like they would stay in nicely and just the way the guy with the ultra cool voice describes them, they are smart pods.  They know when you want to listen AND you can use them to talk while you walk with your iPhone in your pocket.  LOVE that!  

2.  Young House Love Podcast

I've loved their blog for YEARS, and recently they started a podcast.  It's fun and I always learn something, even if I don't DIY myself.  Essentially, this is their story.  They are a young married couple, with 2 kids, that have bought and fixed up 3 homes so far.  They blog about the DIY and have even written a couple of books.  I feel like I KNOW them, even though I've never met them. And they both have a super nerdy quality about them, yet are quite fun to listen to.  They are a great distraction from the normal news that's on the radio.  I use the podcast app on my iPhone and listen away in my car, at my desk, even while juicing.  Of course, I have a slew of podcasts I listen to, but these guys?  They are my current favs.  

3.  Asana Rebel Yoga

I'm sitting here in pain as I type this.  Not bad pain, the good pain from hard work.  You know, the type of pain that gives you hope that your ass may indeed lift a few inches off the ground?  That kind of pain.  It's an app for your phone, tablet or apple TV.  I use it on my apple TV.  And it's good.  Really good.  There's short workouts, more intense workouts, and stretches.  So far so good.   I've tried other yoga apps before, but they didn't stick like this one.  This one is doable.  I enjoy it!  Okay, so I don't enjoy all of it.  During the cool down, Kanga attacks my face and it is NOT relaxing.  But other then that, I LOVE this app!

4.  Bomber Jackets

They are the cutest!  And so versatile as well.  I simply love Morgan Stewart's line called Touche LA, I think?  They are soooo cute!  Like THIS RED ONE from Revolve.  Kind of pricy.  I'm leaning more towards a H + M kind of price.  LOL  But I'm definitely gonna get one.  Just too cute not to!  And now you know I watched The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.  I'm sharing all sorts of stuff today, huh?

5.  Snapchat

I've gotten a little obsessed with snapchat lately.  If you follow me, I'm sure you can tell.  LOL  At first I resisted. All the cool kids were doing it and Hello!  It didn't save your photos and I just couldn't wrap my head around something like that.  But then, I realized you could save your stories and it was kind of a cool way to see what's up in the world.  Oh, and they have these cute little filters, like bunny ears or that sweet little deer.  Well, I was hooked!  Here's basically what you do.  You take small 10 second videos of your day and what you are doing.  Or still shots.   You know, your dog, juicing, taking a walk, etc.  And you share them on your story.  You can add text and well, here's where it gets good.  The app has built in filters that honestly make you look AMAZING, skin wise, makeup wise, etc.  OR can make you look completely silly.  It's super fun and there's famous people you can follow.  

That sums it up for now!  I'll post