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the one with Jimmy + Mayra in love!

First session for 2017 and I'm in love!  Jimmy + Mayra are getting married later this year and we spent a Sunday afternoon together.  And according to my goals for 2017, I should have blogged these over a week ago.  I mean, come on!  I used to blog immediately after a session, and then, when my trusty old Mac Book Pro slowed down to grinding (almost halt), I stopped.  What?  I'm no quitter.  I should never have agreed to stop blogging.  It totally sucks to not have every session (131 total) not posted here and shared on my blog.  Totally SUCKS!  So, new year, new goal.  Let's do this!  

These two were absolutely precious together!  They are totally in love and not worried one bit what anyone thinks.  Case in point....they made out in a church parking lot in central lubbock.  Yep. Not even kidding.  I so love them for that!!!  

And just check out Mayra's hair!  It is some of the PRETTIEST hair I’ve even seen!  Not even kidding an I totally asked her if I could feel it.  Yep.  I did.  I went there.  It's super thick yet soft and if she was in a tower and it was super long, I think we could climb it and it wouldn't even break or hurt.  Super healthy hair that just happens to be gorgeous!  This girl knows how to pose for the camera as well.  I rarely had to coach her.  She rocked booties, riding boots and a cute pair of blow fish kicks with blue soles.  I was in LOVE!  She would “get her curves on” without me saying a word.  Made my job super easy.

They rolled up in a cute olive green jeep with a super cute white puppy, Maximillian.  And get this...NO LEASH.  I met them at the Garden and Arts and this dog was super trained and stayed right by their side.  He is the BOMB.COM.  My dog Kanga totally needs to take notes.  Max wore his own puffy best with fur collar and even though the park was full of other dogs the entire time we were there, they didn't faze Max one bit.  In fact, I think he doesn't consider himself a dog.  He does get a bit jealous over these two when they get all "lovey dovey".  More of a "kiss me instead" sort of thing.  He did great!

The night before had been over at Hobbs. and drove in just for the sessionHis dad boxes as does his brother.  They stayed over there watching a boxing tournament until 1 AM and stayed the night.  

I tried a brawn new location this time, Reedemer Church.  You'll see it below with the cool wood and bright blue walls.  It is also close by some hills that work well for cute walks and rolls in the grass.  LOL  This location worked out great with their casual outfits they had planned. T-shirts and tennis shoes.  What's not to love?  Oh, and when Jimmy put on his cool Colorado hat?  I may have called him "Glen" from the Walking Dead.  He almost wouldn't wear it after that.  But in my defense, I LOVE Glenn and cried like a baby when they killed him off.  He’s the Hot Asian in my book and when Jimmy put the hat on?  I totally felt the “hot asian” vibe.

We ended in a field with some gorgeous light!  Perfect ending to a great session!  I'm really hoping Jimmy brings that hat with him on his wedding day.  Hope is good.

Love Does,