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I may have gotten a bit carried away with all these HOCO pictures.  I mean come on!  There's over 70 posted in the blog post.  I think I have a problem and coming out of denial is the first step, right?  If you are a bride and you stumbled upon my website, please understand, I LOVE my Cooper Pirates, OK?  I just do.  So they will be here a lot and I won't apologize.  Just click the "the photos" button to the left and you'll find all the pretty wedding pictures.  You will.  I promise. 

Now back to the HOCO Show!  

They crowned the HOCO Queen and King at the pep rally this year.  It was really cool, having the football boys there to witness and by crowing the king at the pep rally, we actually got pictures of both together.  That was cool.  However, and this is a HUGE however as I don't know how hard it is to organize an event like this and keep people happy.  I really missed seeing and photographing the parent's reactions.  I've always enjoyed that part of the event and usually there's so much emotion and pride.  AND, later, pregame, it's like the emotion was simply removed because, HELLO!  Everyone knew who got queen.  

But, I understand that this is a huge thing to put on and organize for our school.  It is not easy, one bit.  And either way, it was fabulous all the same.  So, off my soap box, on to the pretty pictures.

Don't forget!  Click the "down with LCP" to view many more fabulous images from HOCO 2016!!!

Love Does,